What happens if I run away at 15 from where I don't want to live?

Answer #1

You’ll be chased by the police if your parent(s)/guardian(s) report it. The only way you’ll get away with it is if you run out of the country. Trust me.

Answer #2

what if i run away to my other parents?

Answer #3

i ran away from home. i was talking to someone and when they realized i was under age and by myself they called the police and i was taking in. they went through all my stuff, called my parents and i was sent back to my parents. just wait until you are 18 years old if you want to leave

Answer #4

Believe me and trust me. You don’t want to do that. The weather will make you want to get shelter. You won’t get enough food. It’s really bad for your health. Your parents will probably call the cops. I went through a phase like that but then I realized the risk I was taking. I didn’t want my parents to get mad at me because I couldn’t last that long running away. I think about it sometimes but I don’t go through with it. I would also be afraid for my safety because there are bad people out there. Everyone is right here so trust all of us.

Answer #5

you’ll put yourself in the position to be taken advantage of by some not real nice people. i know it doesnt seem like it now but you’re parents are the people in your life who care about you the most. besides, with all the missing girls out there do you really want to risk becoming one of them and putting your family thru the kind of hell that parents who are all over the news are going thru right now? stay home. get an education and a job as soon as you’re legal and work on moving out the mature way.

Answer #6

yeah but think about guys like joran van dersloot and what happened to amanda knox and her roommate.

Answer #7

u will b lonely.believe me

Answer #8

first, it’d be fun :P> then it’d stink soon.

Answer #9

Contact your “other parents” first; tell them you want to come live with them, and see what they have to say about it.

Answer #10

dnt do it trust me it hard out there in the streets you will always need your family no matter wat

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