Roller Coaster Phobia

Alright, well I am going to my very first trip to a theme park, (Six Flags) next weekend and I’m kind of nervous. I’m going with my boyfriend, his brother and a few friends of mine. They all say that roller coasters are nothing to worry about, but I’m not convinced. I mean your basically putting your life in the person who is controlling the seat belts hands. That person could go crazy and let the seat belts go while the ride is still going! Everyone says I’m being paranoid, but roller coasters are my biggest fear. How can I get over this phobia?

Also, should I tie my hair back so it doesn’t get caught in the machinery or something? It could happen :/

Answer #1

ok I love elitches!!! So if you ride with your boyfriend its all good because I ride wit guys and I have fun but wit friends I freak out and get scared but I am over it I ride all the roller coasters so just gain confidence ride wit your boyfriend and have some fun

Answer #2

put your hair back if it will make you feel better when your on a roller coaster talk to your friends or your boy friend during the ride. so you wouldnt really be paying attention to the ride soo it will take your mind off of it. or on the ride closs your eyes also be fore the ride try not to eat a lot so you dont get sick or anything!

Answer #3

if your hair was around a meter long then youd tie it back if its not too long you dont have too but its best to anyway so its not all in your face as for the rollercosters people going crazy, most likley wont happen were pretty much putting put lives in danger every time we step out of the house because anything could happen however death from a rollercoaster is very unlikly you should be fine as for me I dont like rollercoasters, not so much because I dont trust them…but because I cant stand the going down bit!

Answer #4

Youre more likely to be aboard a roller coaster which stalls amid the ride then you are to fallout, coaster break apart, etcetera.

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