Black people and rock music

Note : not a racial question at all!! Is it weird for black people to like rock music? Im half black half white and I love rock if I went to a rock concert would people look at me differently?

Answer #1

Rock was inspired by jazz and the blues, so it wouldn’t be strange since african americans really made jazz and blues music popular. There’s musicians like Jimmi Hendrix who were great with the guitar. It’s not weird, and you shouldn’t allow your race to make you think you should only like certain types of music. Just listen to what you enjoy.

Answer #2

Phil Lynnot Jimmy Hendrix Lenny Kravitz Bo Diddley For crying out loud slash is half black so in answer to your question… NO

Answer #3

really??? you like rock music? a black guy? yayyy! most of them are into hip hop. its good to finally hear of a blackguy that likes rock music.

Answer #4

I LOVE ROCK music and I am black. My mom never subject me to one genre of music. My three boys are the same way. Be proud that you are diverse.

Answer #5

No I dont think its wierd…Every has their own tastes and preferences…Other people’s perception of you should change who you are and what you like or interested in..Have Fun!!!

Answer #6

honestly they probably would, but thats just because the nation we live in is racist, horribly, so dont be surprised if you get anything for it.

Answer #7

Black people liking rock is like white people liking rap. I know plenty of those.

Answer #8

check out fishbone.

Answer #9

Anyone can like any kind of music, it isn’t race dependent.

Answer #10

nope. my good friend is black and loves rock.

Answer #11

no they shouldnt have look at yhu wrong cause music isnt made for ONE race its made for every one !

Answer #12

Umm…nop. Not at all. It seems like a stereo type kinda. I looove rock

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