Would you risk your life for your Cat or Dog?

LEts say your dog/cat ran into a huge street full of cars. And a semi came by and u had to run out and save your pet. The Semi could hit you easily, would you run? Or if a huge wild dog attacked ur pet, would u jump out to save it? Knowing your life is at stake?

Answer #1

I sure would….all life is precious

Answer #2

Yeah, without thinking about it I will… call me crazy, but animals are just as important to me as humans are. If I could stop something from happening to an animal, I would try.

Answer #3

Same here. And not just mine, id risk my life for any animal or human alike. After all we all are animals

Answer #4

And all life deserves their life :)

Answer #5

Exactly :)

Answer #6

Yeah, I just love animals… They don’t deserve to hurt or die. :D

Answer #7

Thats what i think!! And some people say that animals dont feel..

Answer #8

That’s crap… we don’t know what they feel or don’t feel.. people just say that to make themselves feel better lol

Answer #9

my cat if it had super powers duhhh

Answer #10

I definitely would. I’ve thought about it before on many occasions. I’ve thought about what I would do in case of a fire. There’s many alternate versions of my idea of what would go down, but all of them involve me making sure the pets are ok. My pets have always been there for me, so I feel that’s it’s an obligation to return the loyalty.

Answer #11

haha thats very true

Answer #12

lol my cat is invisible

Answer #13

I would jump out there without thinking to save them. I would never regret either.

Answer #14

Yes! I agree so much with Moe and Colleen. To me animals are just as important as humans and I’d do it especially if it was my own pet

Answer #15

Yeah, my lel chihuahua es like my TRUE friend, dont ever let chu down whutsoever, and i mean, poor thing, it’ll be all scared >:l
I’d seriously do anything for her, i spoil her & everything XD, i find it a little wierd how when my grandpa died i didnt realy cry, but one day i coulndt find my chihuahua & i bursted into tears, turns out she was in her dogHouse ? Lol >;o

Answer #16

Our pets are like children and brothers/sisters and even parents sometimes because they are always protection us (physecally and emotionally) .. mostyl they are the truest friends so dont feel wierd!! lol

Answer #17


Answer #18


Answer #19

haha yeah

Answer #20

I wouldn’t. I doubt I would even do that for a person. I love my cat and would be devastated if such a thing would happen, but my knee jerk reaction is to freeze and stay away from dangerous situations. I know that probably sounds cold…..

Answer #21

Definitely, there is no difference between humans and animals, we are all animals and just because I can’t speak english to my cat doesn’t mean I can’t communicate with him. I am better friends with Salem than I am with any of my human friends. He is like my baby, I would honestly risk my life for him in a heartbeat.

Answer #22

Mine is the size of Clifford.

Answer #23


Answer #24

I would but it’d be a bit hard for me… I don’t have a cat or dog… I have a duck, and 3 chickens and 9 guineapigs… That would be a bit hard but i would definatly try

Answer #25

I would but it’d be a bit hard for me… I don’t have a cat or dog… I have a duck, and 3 chickens and 9 guineapigs… That would be a bit hard but i would definatly try

Answer #26

Answer #27

mine can fly

Answer #28

oohhh….thats a hard one….i would probably end up doing so for my dog after some thought…..but without a single doubt i would risk ANYTHING besides my friends and family for my horse……seriously….i would….yea crazy

Answer #29

lol At least I’m honest! I’m not sure how many people would actually put their money where their mouth is and risk their life in front of a moving semi. Sorry Milo (my cat) but if its me vs. the semi, the semi would definitely win and I’m not going to be smushed into the pavement for anyone!

Answer #30

Actually ive actually ran out into the street to save my neighbors dog and missed a semi by an inch. ive ran out to get my dog when he was attacked by a psyco dog.

Answer #31

OMG I’m glad nothing happened to you! It would have been a true tragedy if you had gotten hit, or attacked by a rabid dog. I can’t imagine your family and friends thinking you giving up your life for the family pet would be worth it. Of course they may marvel at your moral stance, but I’d be willing to bet they would prefer for the dog to get smushed into the pavement instead of you. Maybe its just me….Obviously many don’t agree with my outlook, but I kind of see it as an illustration of social darwinism. If you all want to go and get killed for an animal who can’t even pull its weight and fend for itself once you’re gone, then go ahead. The rest of us will mourn the loss of our pets, but continue to enjoy our lives.

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