What gets rid of strong muscle pain in my arm?

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it's on the inside from wrist to elbow part. it's really sore so what i do i do to reduce the pain?

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Take an anti inflammatory, massage it, and apply heat :)

too strong

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Deep-heat works great for that sort of stuff :)
However, if you look at the bottom of your arm (where you can see your wrist tendons when you tense), you can feel about two inches up from the elbow, if you press down hard there is a big tendon (feels like a taught bit of twine) just massage this firmly moving from left to right. It may hurt slightly but thats supposed to happen :)

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put ice on it and rest it on a pillow

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if you have a heating pad try that heat always helps me when i have a muscle pain another thing that helped me was relaxing it for a day

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