How do i get rid of headaches with home remedies?

I have a lot of headaches and I am just wondering, instead of prescribed or over the counter pain killers, does anybody know any home remedies for headaches?

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If you're a chronic headache sufferer, then there's little you can do to make them stop without medical intervention. I suffered headaches and migraines for years, until finally it was discovered that I have a brain hemorrhage - if you suffer a lot, see a doctor.
Other than that, you need to figure out what your triggers are ... does caffeine help or make it worse? Do certain aromas set you off? How is your eyesight - do you need glasses? Are you drinking enough water daily? Aside from the obvious remedies like cool cloths, acupressure, and herbals, I find meditation especially effective for dealing with pain.

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I used to be a chronic headache sufferer... not so much anymore. Now they come about every 2-3 weeks and just for like a day, but they come HARD.
They have given me percocets, but those make me sick, and nothing else works, that's why I was wondering.
Thank you though

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I get bad headaches like once or twice a month. they get so bad i start throwin up and nothin works for me except excedrine migrane and a hot bath. maybe ice cream.

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A couple things. To prevent them, always sleep on your back with your head faced torward the ceiling, its MUCH better, also make sure you gotta good pillow. And go buy icepacks, but dont waste your time on cheap ones, get GOOD ones.(: Have tea also, this is always relaxing.(: Also, get massages!! This helps SO MUCH! Eat protein also, you dont want low blood sugar. And sometimes taking warm baths can help. Sometimes exercising is exactly what you need too, however other times its the worst thing to do. Sooo yeah.(: Hope this helped.

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It did, thank you... just one question though, is there a certain tea you recommend?

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Your welcome(: And my favorite brand is 'Yogi' tea, its delicious and easy to make..I don't think it really matters which one however. For headaches specifically I would think the muscle relaxing one would be best. My favorite is bedtime tea. It doesn't make you tired or anything, and its delicious.(: Sooo yeah, its pretty much your choice.(:

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