how can i get rid of chicken skin on the backs of my arms?

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Answer #2

the little red bumpps

Answer #3

Okay now I have no idea how get rid of them.

Answer #4

“chicken skin” as you call it, is just blocked pores, and it means your circulation isn’t great in your arms. Really the best you can do is use a scrub to scrub your arms when you have a shower, drink lots of water and eat healthily. The usual for poor circulation. hope that helps.

Answer #5

Gahd I have those too! It sucks right? :|

Answer #6

Are you speaking of keratosis pilaris maybe? It’s a skin condition that more than 50% of the population have and it is very common on the back of your arms. What helps for it is exfoliating and moderate sunlight (don’t burn). It should get a lot better over time.

Answer #7

this is more likely the case than the other answer.

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