What is on my arms and how can I get rid of them?

im a girl and I have these little bumps on my arms,they resemble little pimples but I dont know. one day I squeezed one after being curious for to long and puss,well I think puss came out. I shower everyday,use body soap, and I dont sweat in gym. I’ve had the pimple like bump sinse I wsa about 9 or 10. im 14 now. is there anything that could get rid of them? Please and thank you(:

Answer #1

It’s called keratosis pilaris and about 50% of the population has some form of it. I used to have it on my face and upper arms and you can even get it on your back.

Sunlight helps for it somewhat, just don’t get burned.

If it gets really bad, you can go see a dermatologist to prescribe a cream for you.

Answer #2

this is common actually I’ve seen it on lots of guys and girls. im not sure what it is. but are they almost like permenent goosebumps?

Answer #3

is it acnie

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