Would revlon foundation cover my scars?

I have some dark scars on my face and I've ben thnkng about changng my foundation. do you thnk revlon foundation wud work well with my skin tone and cover my scars completly?

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well have you heard about that new foundation that goes on white, but tthen changes to match your skin tone?

that one is real good, and I have dark skin so I know

now the scars.. just make sure you dont put too much foundation on them cause then they'll only get worse try a little dark eyeshadow instead that'll match your skin tone
I hope I helped

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I am but its not workng fast enough

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try a cream to make the scars fade, then you wouldnt need to worry about foundation.

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yea! you did.. but does that foundation cover completly?

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hi tha best thing is collection 2000 concealer it is thick and covers everything as I have a lot of scarring on my face gve it ago its only 2.00

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