Foundation that covers my freckles, help?

I can never find the right foundation that covers my freckles

Can anybody help

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apart from the actual foundation you use, the application itself plays a big part. I would recommend a good foundation brush. They give an amazing finish and even make your foundation last longer!

Im sure you probably dont want to hear this as everyone hates what they have but freckles are beautiful

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try lancome foundations its sold at macys in the cosmetic section it covers up anything and makes yu look flawless and also try a good concealor

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as Lutien said above, if you have freckles they are very pretty to display (they can be very cute and some guys find them very attractive...I know a couple) but if you do not want them to stand out as much I suggest Clinique liquid foundation (I have been using them for years and they work amazingly well) but the rule always stand: 'a little goes a long way.' 'member you dont want your face to be a completely different color then your neck or the rest of your body---so careful in those respects.

hope this helped.

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