What are the best restaraunts ever?

Answer #1

Olive Garden and Golden Coral <3

Answer #2

KFC!! YEAH!!!!

Answer #3

never that lol

Answer #4

Oh no cringe

Answer #5

I like Fire and Ice. It’s basically all stir fries, you go through and choose your ingredients and they make it for you. It’s super healthy.

Answer #6

now that sounds yummy :)

Answer #7

Cracker Barrell is sooo good

Answer #8

Ah gosh depends what food I want haha. I loove this place called Tusk back from where I used to live, beautiful Thai food. Or a place called Barluca which is like a restaurant/bar/nightclub where I live now does amazing gourmet burgers. There used to be a great chinese place that we used to go to all the time but they closed :’( and I used to looove this indian place that was really hard to find but had amazing food. Haha I love going out for food lol.

Answer #9

Krung Thai. :) It’s thai food. Best satay chicken, fish, soups, ect I’m always worried about raw pieces of meat, or crunchy rice(It’s happened before) but that place serves nothing but the best.

Answer #10

red robin or red lobster

Answer #11

panera breadd (:

Answer #12

panera breadd (:

Answer #13

and of these sound delicious ima try somma them =) ive tried some of these and i agree that they are delicious =)

Answer #14

Sizzler. :)

Answer #15

Assuming you are talking about chain restaurants.

California Pizza Kitchen The Cheesecake Factory Carino’s Which Wich Chipotle Souplantation/Sweet Tomatoes (goes by both names) Cafe Express

Answer #16

wow sounds good where is it?

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