What is the best thing you ever ate and where was it (State)?

You can tell Im hungry when I start talking about food… lol. So the best thing I ever had was Cote de Boeuf from Minetta Tavern in NYC. Its dry aged beef like 32 oz of heaven! What about you?

Answer #1

honey lime seared ahi tuna.. - west coast canada.

Answer #2

I’m not sure what it’s called, but I love this spicy chicken dish I had when I visited china :) the sauce was great!

Answer #3

omgg i had a filet mignon steak… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm expensive thoo,, 75$ for a 6oz haha

Answer #4

Sesame Chicken - Kentucky.

Answer #5

tiramisu gelato–little shop in venice :)

Answer #6

Key lime pie, in key west florida

Answer #7

what restaurant in Toronto charges 75 for a 6oz filet?

Answer #8

ruths cris…and there was another expensive one.. dnt remember name tho,, heys or hys or something it might have been 8oz actually

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