Resident Evil 4 fans!

This is a two pronged random question. One, what is your favorite weapon in RE4? Mine is probably the handcannon. Two. how many hits did it take you to kill Salazar (the snake thing with the tentacles flying everywhere)? Took me two. A mine dart in the eye to open the shield over Salazar and then a rocket launcher to Salazar himself. A third question. In your opinion, who was the hardest boss on RE4? The final fight with Krauser, with the mutated arm, was the hardest to me. In professional mode anyway.

Answer #1
  1. Mine was the handcannon to
  2. Also only 2
  3. I think the hardest boss was what Sadler called “IT” I don’t know what its actual name was
Answer #2

Tommy Gun… its a fully automatic hand-cannon with infinite ammo… why carry anything else?

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