should you replace your cartalige peircing after only 3 weeks if the piercing came off ?

Answer #1

The piercing came off? Like it fell out? Isn’t there a back to the earing or something to put it back in?

Answer #2

if the earring isn’t damaged and you can put it back in then it should be fine to do so. If you can’t get it back in go back to the place you got it pierced and ask what they think :)

Answer #3

You can try, however, after only 3 weeks the piercing is not healed completely and has most likely started closing up already. If you try and put itt back and notice it closed up or its painful, do not continue. You need to go back to the place that pierced it and have them repierce your ear or put it in for you. Trying to put a earring in a closed hole and irritating it can cause scarring, rejection, and an infection.

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