Getting Me Nipple Pierced - what Du Fink?

Good idea? or Bad? I’ve been considering a new piercing for about 3 weeks now but wasn’t sure wether to go for a belly or nipple piercing… I finally came to the decision and nipple pierced it is, my boyfriend is really keen on it too as am I. Just wondered what others think…?

Answer #1

I think you should go for it ! I have mines pierced and its great.& great sexual feeling more arousal :D you get more sensation and I think it looks extremly sexy and mine cured in 3 days it hurt when I got mine pierced but everyones different. but it def. worth it!!! DO IT!!!

Answer #2

if you are under 18(which you probably are sice you spell think fink) it is against the law for a pro to pierce you nipples, or genitals. and if a nipple piercing is done wrong it can leave scars, and could cause problems, like not being able to breastfeed a baby. so go with the navel piercing, but only with your parents permission, and only by a pro.

Answer #3

it a bad idea think of the future yuo probly wont have the same boy for a long time that my openin just think of the outcome

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