How would you repay someone who saved your life?

Answer #1

10grand should do it.

Answer #2

Give them everlasting friendship. :]

Answer #3

by thanking them.

Answer #4

There’s really nothing you can do. Just thank them. The only way to repay someone for that is if they turn around and are about to lose their own life and you save them. If someone saved my life, I’d surely be available to do just about any favors they asked. It’s the least one could do.

Answer #5

You can not repay them, all you can do is tell them how greatful you are and support then in their endevors that is assuming they are one of your good friends.

Answer #6

If someone literally saved your life, it is pretty hard to repay them equally. I’d say just be forever grateful & indebted (by that I mean, small & simple kind deeds really go a long way). Appreciation is key(:

Answer #7

Ever hear the expression “pay it forward” it means to give back what you’ve been given. I’m not telling you to jump in front of a moving bus to save a baby but you can devote yourself to a higher perpose. Try volunteering at an organization the person who saved you holds near and dear or something along those lines.

Answer #8

In my career in health care I have been involved in over 100 CPR’s (about 70% success rate) and there is no thanks needed from the patient- the thanks comes from getting a positive result, for some of the loses there is only regret and sometimes tears..

Answer #9

By living your life to its fullest and making their heroism meaningful.

Answer #10

By Telling Them.. I Would Die To You Save You. I Am Forever In Your Debt.. I Would Do Anything To Save You. Find Out Things.. Companies.. Activities.. They Love And Ask To Help In Those Areas

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