Does being removed from a problem better your chances of solving it?

Answer #1

sometimes but then you don’t really get the chance to deal with and resolve it, just speaking from personal experience

Answer #2

Well it’s a good idea to get away from any bad situation, but you may just set yourself away from the issue rather then solve it yourself.

Answer #3

You mean removed as in stepping back? Yes. It generally does help. It’s why we go to outsiders and others for help. Because they are able to see things from a different perspective.

Answer #4

So true. Good advice!:)

Answer #5

Yes, if you face a problem and you absolutely don’t know what to do, a break often helps. Or sleeping a night over it.

Very often, the solution will come to you if you leave and tell somebody who has not yet been involved about the problem.

So if, for example at work, you have a problem that you can’t fix and you are told to give your problem to somebody else and do some routine for the rest of the day, the solution may just drop in 5 minutes after you needed it.

Answer #6

Yes I’d Say So ButThen You Never Learn How To Work It Out

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