How do I solve my boredom?

can you help me not be bored lol?…if you could possibly help me be a better drawer thated be great because I think I suck but I love to draw it just keeps me entertained

Answer #1

Hahas.Practice make perfect!! Continue boy.Continue.Dont stop drawing.Even when you think your drawing suck,its still your drawing.You use your very own hands to draw it.So love it.Continue if it keep you entertain.^^

Answer #2

yeah keep drawing… and danielleee I can solve your problem lol come to my house we can fix that lol

Answer #3

uhmm what ever he wants to do at my house…if you know what im saying…

Answer #4

What’s he going to do at your house LOL

Answer #5

DONT SAY that your A BAD DRAWER! you gotta start sumwere if you love 2 draw do it I bet you draw awesome so don’t say that ull make me feel sad??


Answer #6

get a job and you wont be bored

Answer #7

ew I suck a drawing too! but I love it! but if you really want to stop being bored… why don’t you come to me house?? :)

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