Who remembers the most frustrating or devastating time of their teen years?

Answer #1

I dont remember it, Im living it. Im 205 pounds in 7th grade. FAT. No one sees how pretty id be if i wasnt fat they only see that i am fat.

Answer #2

I think There’s always something we will remember about our teen years. Whether we laugh or cried, or were devastated or happy.

Answer #3

I think There’s always something we will remember about our teen years. Whether we laughed or cried, or were devastated or happy.

Answer #4

Bigger people can definitely be pretty. All that matters is if you hold yourself with confidence, in my opinion.

Answer #5

Well my confidence 0-100 (100 normal) is a 0.27. thx for your opinion tho.

Answer #6

I happen to be living it as well :P It definitely is frustrating, trying to figure out exactly who you are and how you want to turn out. Losing friendships, making new ones. It is immensely difficult but the pros outweigh the cons (at least for me). I’ve made some wonderful friendships and it’s great to be getting an idea of what I want in life, and to figure out who I am. I wouldn’t change a thing :)

Answer #7

I feel like crap. Never know what to do with myself feel so lost. I think all we can do is be strong for ourselves.

Answer #8

Look up the grapefruit diet, see a nutritionist, moderate exercise (at first), CONTROL urges…

Good Luck, Michel.

FunMail me…

Answer #9

Ugh.. I remember too well. But overall, I loved my teenage years, and if I could go back, I’d do it again, and wouldn’t take them for granted. No matter how crappy you feel, try to have fun. You’re only in high school once (hopefully) lol

Answer #10

Haha grapefruit diet? have to say thats a new one.

Answer #11

well im still goin through it with ADD and muscle and iron deficit i hav no energy for scool wich makes it harder so im always in trouble and dealn with my bff whos so insecure with herself its makes me cry then in grade 8 i was bullied verbally and mentally i went through depresion at one point but i got on special meds and im doin good. im acyually better than alot of people. but honestly i dont wana seem superficial or full of myself, but the fact of the way i look is wat helps me go through high school honestly i got lucky cuz if if i didnt look like the way i do, i would hav went through sever hell :P but everythin happens for a reason so thts keepn me goin :)

Answer #12

I won’t even go there…

Answer #13

My Mom opened a rather erotic letter from my girlfriend- thankfully I had a summer job or I would have been grounded for the summer.

Answer #14

Well im still a teenager but im guessing the death of my Grandma, Grandpa and dog in only a few months will always and forever be the most devastating thing.

Answer #15

crap im in my teens and i dont think it could get worse than my abusive relationship with my boyfriend and then getting raped by him and having his child. dont think it can be worse. but make the most of ur life, have fun and hang with the right people not the wrong ones.

Answer #16

agreed. wish i could do it again haha :)

Answer #17

It was hell for most of it. But it really was me creating my own drama. ‘No one understands me’, ‘I’m so alone’, etc etc. That was just me being dramatic. I’m not saying what I felt wasnt real for me, but as far as reality goes, I was living in my own world.

Answer #18

im making them now and they are just too bad:(

Answer #19

Umm well im a teen now…and im gonna be fourteen in a few days..but my most stressful times at the moment are not having many friends..wisdom teeth pain..falling for the wrong people..sometimes health problems..and sometimes my parents fight..i mean nobody said being a teen is easy..i feel like until you grow up it just gets hardder..but you still have fun and try to deal with stuff..just trying to get through it is all you can do..

Answer #20

make changes in your life to make it easier on yourself for the future

Answer #21

anything is possible

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