What is the religion where people say when you die you turn into an animal or your spirit goes into a animal?

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You could mean Reincarnation, of and in its self it is not a religion but part of many. It is were you come back as another being, human or otherwise. Some religions belief if you are bad you come back as a lesser being, were if you are good you come back as a greater being. Another possibility is some Native Americans believe there ancestors come back as animals to guild them in there life. There are many different beliefs on reincarnation but if you Google it you can find lots of info on all of them, it would just take a little time.

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There are a few that say you will become new life (reincarnation), Buddism, Wicca ect but you can have this belief whithout following any religion :)

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From what I remember, I think that's called Buddhism, they believe in reincarnation.

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