Do you think religion is dying out as time goes by?

Answer #1

I don’t think so. I believe that religion offers many people an explanation to many things as well as comfort. Sometimes religion is all a person has to hold on to. Religions have been around as long as written languages. I have a feeling it will stick around for as long as humans are higher thinking sentient beings.

Answer #2

but compared to about 50 years ago, you honestly don’t think less people are religious?

Answer #3

I have to say I believe that it really depends to whom is concerned. Those that believe in religion as an escape from reality will always keep their faith close at heart…those that have been taught that religion is just a waste of time & energy will go on being misinformed. If a child has had blinded faith in their god & feels that god has let them down they will resent anything that deals with religion, of course if one has been shown kindness and all good things might be blinded by their faith in their god!


Personally I believe there is a god & I am a true believer in spirituality, on the other hand I am not religious nor a religious person…I curse & dont observe every ethnic code I am supposed to because it is not whom I am nor how I wish to live my life…but my faith is 100% in a god…1 god…for all! With that said I am a good person & believe in the 10 commandments yet I also believe in karma & other spiritual things like reincarnation…a life beyond this life..I do believe in good vs evil for it is around us all the time…if you check with in yourself you will find it…the war between love & hate…cant get any simpler then that! Religions against religions…so you see, no matter what you believe in there is always going to be a war between good & evil…just depends how you look at it & how you describe it according your beliefs! ;)

Answer #4

That really depends, some people have been turning more blindly to their faith because of all these natural disaster they are witnessing. people are petrified that the world is coming to an end…so naturally a lot of people want to be a better person & even have been going to pray more often then usual, in hopes that god will see them so called repent for all of their sins before the time comes…to so called free themselves…


I feel that one should know inside if they are a good person…I dont need anyone to tell me if a I am a good person or not, I know I am. (may sound conceded, I am far from being conceded!) I dont steal, I dont lie, I dont cheat, I didnt commit adultery, I have never committed a cr!me nor plan on doing so…I never tyr to deliberately hurt anyone although sometimes I have thoughts that arent 100% pure thoughts…but hey I never said I was perfect! so yeah…I am a good person! :P

Answer #5

Oh, I thought you meant completely dying out. I think its tough to say. Compared to 50 years ago, we have access to much more technology making correspondence instantaneous. People all around the world can communicate and share beliefs with a few clicks of a button. It allows me, as an agnostic, to connect with many others who share my beliefs where I may have otherwise never have met. I also believe that not having a religious affiliation is not as taboo as it used to be. There may have been many people who were a part of a religion because it was “the right thing to do”. Religion may very well be on the decline, but I highly doubt it will be abolished.

Answer #6

i dont think its dying off. i wouldnt say that. but i think civilisation is wiping out the true worth of religion… you will see such great examples by our manner of dressing… today! but religion is still on and spreading.

Answer #7

i dont really think it can die off because people have their own cultures and what they believe in and they pass it on to their children. my friends have their religions and they cant eat meat on certain days and they go to church every sunday so i guess it kinda depends because i dont have a religion or go to church so i depends what point of you look at it

Answer #8

No, I don’t think so. There are many religious people and there will always be.

Just, in former times it was not socially acceptable to be non-religious. When my parents were kids, you had to go to church on sundays or else you’d be the no 1 subject of mockery for the entire village. People had to pretend being religious in order to be accepted, even if they were not.

I think this pressure does not exist anymore in many places, so people who don’t believe can admit that they don’t. As society becomes more open, you can choose a different faith or no faith without any negative consequences for your life.

Answer #9

@emmybear36. compared to the past 50years. people are less religious,but the faith still stands up high.more are of religion. you get?

Answer #10


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