What is the substitute for religion in modern world?

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Not sure we need a substitute for religion. People are more religious today than any time in history.

As far as a substitute for religion; what aspect of religion are you seeking a substitute for? Religion serves many functions.

Even people who have no religion have a worldview. Religions can be part of one's worldview but they aren't necessarily. An atheistic worldview can easily substitute for a theistic one; either can be the basis for how a person relates to his environment.

If you are asking about the ethical lessons of religion several philosophers have dealt with ethics without religion. To me enligtened self interest is the basis of my personal ethics. Empathy is the component that makes emotionally healthy individuals want to be good. Empathy, compassion, and enlightened self interest do not require an ultimate lawgiver to enforce.

Religion also supplies explinations for cosmology and our origins. Science has given us theories on both of these that do not require a creator to explain. Of course this isn't a universal need; there were atheists long before the theories of evolution and the big bang theory.

Religion comforts those dealing with loss. There is little here for the atheist. Atheists can't comfort themselves with the beliefe that loved ones they lost are in a better place.

Religion (usually) promises an afterlife. Believing in life after death helps us deal with the fear of death. For me there is no logical reason to fear death. Epicurius said, where death is I am not, where I am death is not. What he was saying was that there is nothing to experience in death. As a consciousness we simply stop existing. Our illogical fear of death is a product of our survival instinct that makes life possible.

Religion is a basis of social cohesion. Other sources of shared memes can be politics, philosophy, economic ideology, etc.

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"People are more religious today than any time in history."

I disagree. Until recently, professing atheism would get you treatment that ranged from ostracization to outright murder. Scientists had to couch their findings in religous terms. Galileo was persecuted and eventually forced to recant under torture his theories because they didn't fit with the relgious ideology of the time.

So no, society isn't more religious than ever. The freedom to choose ones religion or lack thereof (at least, in many parts of the world) has meant that only those who truly wish to engage in a religion need to (for the most part, at least), and people are able to openly evaluate their religion and alternatives for the first time.

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before you worry about which religion (formalized system) to receive your devotion. first , use your intelligence and common sense to recognize that this world has a designer. who made a world full of plan and purpose. one of intelligent design.
then take notice that the inanimate systems in the world miraculously work together. I.e. undrinkable salt water is (1) evaporated to distill and purify the water and elevate it upwards, then (2) then thru condensation, the pure moisture collects above, where the (3) winds then transport it over to where living organisms like us are , then (4) gravity brings it down right to us. this is extremely oversimplified, there are actually many more processes involed which magnifies the wonder. miraculously these separate systems are actually working in unison with intelligent plan BUT they also have a purpose, and that purpose is kindliness to man and animal.
how does an apple know to be sour when it would be detrimental to its consumer and only turn sweet once its ready to be eaten, who benefits from that, does the apple know that it has beings that consume it and who would benefit from that. it also stays camoflauged green to hide among the leaves before its ready to be eaten and only turns conspicuously red when its ready to attact to its completion. does the apple know that its consumers have eyes . does it know that we have color vision!

open your eyes and heart and good luck with the search,
ps start with your fridge full of food, you don't need to go to india to figure this one out!

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Idol worship, as in rock stars, sports stars. The younger generation is really tuning into these high profile people and emulating them.

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I think rationalization... is what man is now substituting for faith in the Most High. We live in the age of reason, and many are rejecting faith, in favor of this way of thinking. Man without God. It is growing in leaps and bounds. Man feels like he has arrived... he now has everything his heart desires, so.. he has no need of a God... and does everything in his power to prove that God does not exist, so he can salve his conscience. There is now a Church of Humanity, it has a nice ring to it, and many will flock to it, because it has none of the trappings of religion, as we now know it, it is the new way of worshiping... self... on the throne of ones life... NO God.. NO Repentance... No Jesus Christ... No bible... all of the good sounding things like helping others, making the world a better place, etc. This is Satans Ace in the hole. Perhaps his greatest accomplishment... and it is just getting started... multitudes will fall for this, and be lost forever.

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awww come on!!! what do you have against caffeine???

wait... where does it make you hurt exactly... =O

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...more religion?

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hey there, why would you ask a question like that? Is it relating to your personal life? Anyhow it seems to me that you are indian, as peryour profile , so it seems very odd for you to be asking that question if it has no relation to your personal / family life. And by the way im an indian to. Whats up with your question please do tell me as I am very much entrigued...

Regards: Seshnie. :-)

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A substitute for religion? Hmmm...Well in its simple sense if there was one it would be exaclty what extremist veiw. They pretty much make up the religion as they go and not really care what the real aspects say they just go over what is genrally said and not what is in between the lines as an old literature teacher of mine once said.

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I dont think there is a sub for religion in any world though you can make something be your own replacement for it do you have a change of mind in religions or do you want to find a replacement

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don't use Caffeine. . . It makes me Hurt.

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My computer =DDD

Face it, we're all going to hell!!!

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Substitute for religion? ?? does such a thing exist?

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That must be some computer. . .

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Yes <333 and I am officially starting a caffeine addict cult WOOOHOOO!!!

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silverwings: You say that like it's a bad thing.

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Everywhere. . .

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