Guys: What to do to make a relationship last?

On the guys point of veiw… what do you do if you want a relationship to last???

Answer #1

Look, if you have to ask that… perhaps you’re already trying too hard. All you need to make any relationship last is commitment, honesty, and loyalty. You have to talk and keep communication open. I’m assuming your with Sharebear? If that is the case, try making her not feel like she has to ask the questions she does, try slowing it down… Best of Luck…

Answer #2

well its kind of bad advice if it doesnt work out, but truely show from the heart and dont lie because it will show itself in some way or form. Dont just be there for them… BEEE there for them… Truely be there in heart and spirit. It takes work but get in touch with your other side and show them you have… Just becareful with everything. and dont get hurt. goodluck!

Answer #3

we do all we can to keep it long . We technicly kiss a$$ and we put up with your b.s.

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