how can I make my relationship last? (girls please)?

ok so on dec. 10 I asked out a girl that I like and she said yes but I want to know how to make it last as long as possible I really like her and if shes happy im happy. I wanna make her happy and make this relationship last

Answer #1

well sence she said yes she already likes you. so just make her feel special like tell her she is amazing and pretty… that may seem weird for you to say but she wont, it will make her very happy. Also, call her and text her mostly everyday, dont wait for her to because she wont ( its just a girl thing… the guy has to call/text first ). When your texting and it satrts to get borring just bring up something new to talk about and when she tells you something dont answer with just a yeah or something like that, it should be a real responce that can keep the conversation going. <— trust me, it will work.

Answer #2

just believe in her and make her believe in you if I say love all equals to trust honesty and respect would it make sense? if you do get along with her and agree with eachother thiers no problem but if you disagree try to fnd a midd point to agree with one another ;) for more hlp just ask

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