How should i tell this guy i just kissed that thats the last time?

So I met this guy and we went on a couple of dates. I was trying to figure out if I like him as a friend or more. And I thought, okay maybe its better if we just be friends, but he kissed me and I kissed him turned into a make out session...and well, I shouldn't have done that because...I don't want to kiss him again, I'm not saying he's a bad kisser, its just that, I don't want him to think that we will be something more, nor I don't want to lie to myself that we'll be something more, because, honestly I can't even handle a romantic relationship with anyone now..I have to work on me and help out those who need me most now, my family...what do I do?

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i guess u just sit him down and talk to him u have to be honest before he starts getting ideas of u 2 together

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