Red heads why do people say this

Ok im a red head and I've heard from people that red heads cant dye their hair or it might it might turn pink, or green, or any color almost but why do they say that
O and why do people say that red heads burn easy I do burn easy but y

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REd Heads are just as capable of dying their hair colours as anyone else - my best friend is a redhead and I've seen her do her hair all different colours.

You burn more easily because of the pigments in your skin. Certain ones allow less sunlight through, and certain ones allow tons through. It's just your genes - it's natural it's healthy. Just keep the sunblock on. Some of us (myself included) just burn more easily. This world has variety and this is just part of it.

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I dont think I want to I hate it and it bothers me

Do all red heads have green eyes or just some?

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y would people say that

Will my head have problems from a red, cut scalp?

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They Do I Tought Your Going 2 Say Why They Call Red Heads a Daywalker Or Ginger KidKids

what do you think about emo people?

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