What is the most reckless thing you've ever done?

Answer #1

everything ive ever done haha

Answer #2

Hahaha! :D

Answer #3

Geez…every dr.ug you can think of, sleeping on the streets, going out of town with people i didnt know and gettng stranded there, going to a rave that got raided..

Answer #4

Became addicted to dr.ugs and lived under a bridge for months.

Answer #5

I’m glad you don’t do that anymore and that your being a good mom. :D

Answer #6

After a one hour chase, i outran the local cops with my old Dodge Duster. They never did find who owned that car…..not with new paint job:)

Answer #7

HAHA! Good job! :D

Answer #8

Being addicted to dru.gs and living on the streets was the easy part….it’s what I did on a daily basis, to sustain my lifestyle that still makes me shudder today.

I was lucky to come out alive.


Answer #9

Skinny dipping in the lake I used to live across from on the fourth of july. I was like, nine or ten and I was skinny dipping while fireworks were going off all around the lake. It was pretty. Wait, that’s not really reckless. Hmm, I sneak RedBull in the movies, nah that’s not it either. Ugh, nothing. Haha, i’ve done nothing reckless.

Answer #10

started talking to some freak online when I was little and being a stupid little kid I accidentally fell in love with him and I revealed a lot of info about me and we have reason to believe that he was about to come find me.

Answer #11

Well, when I was like 8 years old I jumped out of a second story window into a rockpit. But only because we were trapped in my friend’s room because her door used to lock behind us if we forgot and closed it. And no one else was in the house because we were just stopping in to get a toy. So i suggested we throw her chili pepper pillow below the window and cimb out and use it to fall on. Out of three, I’m the only one who landed on the pillow and didn’t land in dog poop. Oh and I used to climb things like trees and houses just to jump off of them…

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