Would you Like to receive "Bacon Candy" as a Christmas gift?

Ok, so, bacon tastes good … but in candy form? Would you eat this?

Read about it: http://funadvice.com/r/15kgvls8trd

Answer #1


Answer #2

I would most certainly try it.

Answer #3

You know when pancake syrup gets on your bacon? Well that tastes good, so I’d say this candy could be ok.

Answer #4

I agree i always dip my bacon and sasauge in syrup.. its goooood. i would try it also.

Answer #5

I could see how a sweet/salty/smoky flavor could be good. As a vegetarian for 3 decades I won’t be trying it though.

Answer #6

is that even real? wel honestly i would love that x

Answer #7

Iv seen stuff like that before- You guys should really look at this website, you can buy bacon everything! http://funadvice.com/r/15kh3achpt4

Answer #8

I can guarantee that my little brother would enjoy it. He’s obsessed with bacon; we even got him a shirt for Christmas that says “bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips.”

Answer #9

Yeah, I don’t even eat candy but I want some.

Answer #10

Bacon in candy form…I’m open to trying anything but I don’t know about meat flavored candy. Sounds yucky

Answer #11

My girlfriend said she was gonna get me “bacon scented soap”. Sounds awesome lol.

Answer #12

Oh my gosh…. I know someone that would love some of that stuff xD

Answer #13


Answer #14

Sounds horrific :S…no.

Answer #15

I’d give it a try…never know till you try something.

Answer #16


Answer #17

I would. I still want to try that legendary Bacon Chocolate Cake.

Answer #18

Yes! We have a place here in Portland called Voodoo doughnuts, and they have a maple bar with bacon on it. :)

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