Did anyone else notice that people dont give out candy like they used too?

I remember needing three bags to bring all the candy home from trick or treating. We took our son and every single house was giving one small piece of candy and after two hours of trick or treating we ended up with only a quarter of a bag. Is it the reccession or are people just stingy now lol.

Answer #1

I think it’s a bit of both. I’m in New Zealand, so we don’t get into Halloween as much as other places, but I have definitely noticed the decline in the celebration this year and over the last 4 or so years. Candy prices have gone up, kids are getting a bit greedy, and the recession has probably effected it a bit too.

Answer #2

Ohmygosh. I was thinking the same thing :O When i was younger we use to get like 5 bags full (those big black husky bags LOL) People are lame now.

Answer #3

Its been like that for the last few years. I think its a combintion of the economy and people just not being as enthusiastic. I notice that each year there is less and less houses participating. I wonder if that has to do with more people moving into the country that don’t celebrate Halloween in their culture.

Answer #4

I noticed it to, when I was younger, like 6 years ago I used to get so much candy when I would go out and the streets would be crowded with kids. I think people lost their halloween spirt and it’s so sad. Not a single person stoped at my house tonight and I’m the kind of person who is going to give you a bucket full of candy haha, so if anyone decides to make a late night stop at my house they are going to get about 10 buckets of candy haha.

Answer #5

yes it is much more lonely like people are scared or something.

Answer #6

Dang over here i’ve not seen so many trick or treaters in years. The past two years we had absolutely NO ONE come to the door and this year we got about 10 groups of at least 15 people.

Answer #7

I’m sure it depends on the area…in our little village, since we don’t have a lot of kids, people are still quite generous. I guess it comes down to what people can afford to give.

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