What are some reasons that north korea and south korea should become one?

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Well ima take a stab at this one and say for the same reason east and west germany r one, because its the right thing to do, the more unity we have the better people we will be.

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but the only reason they aren't one whole in korea is because of that leader in North korea, take him out and i bet things would run more peacefully between the two. I mean they both stand at the border and stare eachother down for god sakes.

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like I need reasons stating if north would be doing better if they were reunited like with starvation, and things like that?

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As far as I'm concerned, South Korea does fairly well for itself. Unifying the two nations as they are now would be like the U.S. and Mexico uniting: one group would drain on the other, and corruption from one would only add to the corruption in the other by a lot.

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Well if North Korea and South Korea comes together, they can do things much better than the last time. For example, using South's technique and North's resources together will make them live better.

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