Keep losing weight everywhere, except for my stomach?

Alright, I guess.. I use to weigh a lot 140ish pounds at the age of ... 13 , then I lost some, im now l20 pounds at the age of 14.. and I keep losing weight everywhere, except for my stomach..
I lost so much weight on my boobs, they use to be c's now their probably large A, or a b ... its insane. I dunno whats wrong..
can someone please help me out..

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Yeah I agree with yourangell..

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you lose fat first in your boobs because they are mostly fat...
after that itll start coming off other places (thighs, stomach, butt) but only if you exercise.
it also couldve just been baby fat growth spurting

How do I lose weight from my stomach?!

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It will help a lot if you do sit ups or any other stomach exercises.

big stomach I have no idea how to lose it

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