Do you think that figure skating is a real sport?

Do you think that figure skating is a real sport? And what about ballet??? If so how difficult do you think they are?

Answer #1

listen, I used to do balet.. but I quite, its shite. I do figure skating now since about 2 years and it is a real sport, you should know it takes skill.

Answer #2

I’ve always wanted to do ballet.

I just dont have the time.

) :

And I know it would be really hard since, you would be building muscles and such. But youd stay in shape!

Atleast… : )

Answer #3

really ballet is just as hard if not harder then skating. I skate and take ballet so I know that it is a real sport. But I think ballet is harder and with skating its not about balance. Not really at all. its more about tecnique.

Answer #4

yes of cousre figure skating is a real sport ..why wouldnt it be… so is ballet.. ballet is a form of dance and dance is def. a sport… ballet..istnt that hard you just got to be determined to it… but figure skating is going to take more practice because fs .has to do with balance

Answer #5

Ballet is a classical art form, but it is very athletic and dancers must be extrememly strong and flexible, also beautiful, to achieve professional levels. I would say anything that has competitions is a sport so I guess ballet and figure skating both qualify. However, in both of these “sports” or art forms, the competitors or performers must not show their effort and the level of difficulty that other sports players can.

Answer #6

If there is competitions than its a sport.

Answer #7

If there’s competitions it doesn’t mean it’s a sport because there’s singing competitions, that’s not a sport. Well figure skating is a sport and I think ballet is too.

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