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Interplay Sports offers real-time professional match video analysis and sports analytics with up to 4 cameras. Visit for the best video analysis tool.

About Interplay Sports

Who we are

Welcome to Interplay-Sports, your go-to destination for real-time professional match video analysis and sports analytics. Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch video analysis tools to help you develop your players and team to their fullest potential. With the ability to conduct live analysis using up to 4 cameras, we offer a comprehensive solution for all your sports analysis needs.

What we Do

At Interplay-Sports, we offer a professional FrontEnd Video Analysis system that is user-friendly and versatile. Our system allows you to conduct live analysis with up to 4 cameras, as well as post-analysis from camera footage, imported video files, and streamed matches. Whether you’re analyzing offense or defense situations, our system provides the flexibility to combine player actions and passes with various variables to make your analysis effective.

Designed for different sports, our system includes specific features tailored to each sport’s rules and requirements. From player lineups to special teams and power play strategies, our system covers all aspects of the game. With organized analysis variables grouped by attack types, shots, grades, technical/tactical aspects, and more, it’s easy to connect different variables and players for a comprehensive analysis.

Our system also allows for easy customization, enabling you to adjust variables to suit your coaching needs. With the ability to create multiple variable sets for different teams and scenarios, you can tailor your analysis to specific requirements. Additionally, our system is equipped for halftime reviews in the locker room, with the capability to stream video and analysis directly to players during halftime.

For on-the-go coaching, our system supports mobile devices for live information and video access on the sidelines. Coaches can add situations to the analysis during the game, ensuring real-time feedback and adjustments. With seamless export and import capabilities between Interplay systems and MiniPro systems, sharing analysis with other users is effortless.

Why you should use us

Interplay-Sports stands out as the best video analysis tool available for developing players and teams. With a user-friendly interface and advanced analysis capabilities, our system offers a comprehensive solution for sports professionals. By combining live analysis with post-analysis features, our system provides a complete picture of player performance and team strategies.

Our system’s versatility extends to different sports, ensuring that all rules and specific requirements are addressed. From easy player lineup changes to special team strategies, our system covers all aspects of sports analysis. The ability to customize variables and create multiple sets for different scenarios gives coaches the flexibility to tailor their analysis to specific needs.

For coaches looking for real-time feedback and on-the-go access to video analysis, our system supports mobile devices for sideline coaching. The ease of sharing analysis between different Interplay systems ensures seamless collaboration among coaching staff. With big screen presentation capabilities for player meetings and halftime reviews, our system facilitates effective communication and strategy development.

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