What do you think about...

What do you think about figure skating, I figure skate and I want to know what most people think about the sport, and I want the truth:]

thats not me in the picture thats my coaches.

Answer #1

I think it is awsome I skate to What tricks can you do?

Answer #2

Hey…X I Do Figure Skating Aswel And Have Been For 5 Years I Think Its Amazing!


Answer #3

haha if your scard to fall think of it this way, once you fall its iced! lol

Answer #4

I think its awesome. My old best friend used to figure skate and I loved going to watch her. I wish I could figure skate, but I’m too scared of falling. =[

Answer #5

I think it beautiful and its so cool its like ballet on ice

Answer #6

Takes grace, but I never got the point of it, actually I never got the point of any sport, even as I was playing them.

Answer #7

I think it’s a sport that takes a lot of hard work, determination, confidence, and talent.

Answer #8

im starting my axel:] I would have already been starting it but I had to get new skates

Answer #9

every time I watched it, it made me want to do it!! it looks so fun!!!<333 just gliding along the ground!!! yea, kinda like your flying!!! :)

Answer #10

I think figure skating is a beautiful sport. Its fun to watch and the hard work and effort that the skater takes to perform on the ice really shows off.

Answer #11

I think its awesome… I would do it.

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