Really funny jokes?

I’m so bored…I’m stuck doing 3 courseworks and its 1:56am =_=” I forgot all about them and they have to be in for tommorow :( So does anyone know any really funny jokes to cheer me up : )

Answer #1

LoL :D

Answer #2

dont know if it to late maby killed it I dunno but its becasue her husband complained their was nothing to eat inbetween thanksgiving and christmas

Answer #3

I got this my favorite joke lol

a girl goes to a tatto parlor and gets 2 tattos on her thighs and the guy asks myy she wanted those guess y

Answer #4

uhhh. how bout this. I know what it’s like to have a penis.

it’s like having a hair dryer in your pocket. it always gets in the way and there’s nowhere to plug it in.

I don’t know if you find it funny, my friends did.

or try saying Mike Oxhard. I think that ones funny too.

Answer #5

I don’t know what kind?

Answer #6

Why lol :P

Answer #7

I went and saw you weren’t American afer I said Bush and thought It wasn’t going to work! I’m glad it did haha

Answer #8

I dunno, why? :D

Answer #9

im bored someone talk 2 me lol

Answer #10


Love them! : ) Especialy the Mike Oxhard XP hehe

Answer #11

Oooh Oooh I know this one! BOO-BEES :D HAHA Love that joke ^_^

Answer #12


lol! XD I’ll have to tell my mum that one! :D

Answer #13

A man added 2+2, and his answer was 7. why?

Answer #14

because the man was George Bush! haha

Answer #15

haha lol I’m not even American but I still find that funny >_<

Answer #16

lol you get in trouble it sooo was not me

Answer #17


I don’t know haha Please tell me! :D

Answer #18

oh wait 4got to say what the tattos where santa ad a turkey now guess

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