What do you think of the phrase "Silly fagot, d*cks are for chicks!" is it funny and just a joke, or offensive?

I heard this all through out school. It comes from the phrase “Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids!” (The Trix cereal commercial) I honestly think it’s pretty mean, even though it’s supposed to be funny. I don’t find it funny at all really.

What do you guys think? Is it funny, and just joking around…or is it mean, and offensive?

Answer #1

Extremely offensive. Theres no questioning that….

Answer #2

I dont think its funny, but im not offended. People will say sh!t like that & if we were to get offended at all of it we would have a serious case of butt hurt. I dont think its saying “OH D!CKS ARE JUST FOR CHICKS” it just rhymes.

Answer #3

I agree with MandyLoo 100%

Answer #4

I think its funny hahaha

Answer #5

I don’t think homosexuals find it funny. =/

Answer #6

I think someone who says it is basically saying they are against homosexuality, and that it’s wrong.

Answer #7

I think that it’s quite offensive at any angle. I can see how people are trying to be funny with it, but this is the kind of joke you just don’t make.

Answer #8

I don’t think it’s funny and it is extremely offensive :| Plus I detest that F word. It sounds like the sort of thing immature 8th Grade boys would make up. Extremely douchy immature 8th Grade boys -.-

Answer #9

=/ I definitely don’t, lol.

Answer #10

I think it’s hilarious. X]

Answer #11

LOLOLOL I said it wasn’t funny and then I said lol! OHHH SWEET IRONY!! xD I made myself giggle.

Answer #12

I first heard this phrase when I was in like, 5th grade. :D

Answer #13

Fine, assh*le fifth graders too -.- I’m starting to lose my faith in humanity tbh =/ lol

Answer #14

Who the fck liked this >.> pulls out chainsaw* lol :P

Answer #15

I think it’s pretty funny, sure, it’s a crude joke to make but it’s humor, to be honest here. Honestly, I don’t see how a statement like this can be taken seriously anyway, I’m sure people hold their opinions to high regard and I doubt a joke like this would phase any opinion against it.

Answer #16

lmao Connie youre so cute :33

Answer #17

Don’t kill me Connor :(

Answer #18

Awwwh :3 thanks Ireney Teenie Weenie :D LOL!

Answer #19

_> …fine… I’ll spare you…this time =/

Answer #20

Haha that is the most funniest thing I’ve ever herd Ima start telling people that.

Answer #21

Omg you would start telling people that:)

Answer #22

Omg :O i love that :33

Answer #23

Yep starting tomarro at lunch amber.

Answer #24

I’ll say with you. Hey tell it to Aaron he looks gay anyway : )

Answer #25

No s* he weres tight purple pants and a pink belt what do you expect.

Answer #26

Yea I saw that I lol I bet he circle jerks.

Answer #27

Wow =/ you two seem like lovely people.

Answer #28

We are lol

Answer #29

=/ cough sarcasm cough

Answer #30

Yep so very lovely.

Lol hey you coming to the football game Friday cause I got cheer and stuff.

Answer #31

Yea i guess besides your so dam fine in ur outfit. Lol tap tap.

Answer #32

Hey ask your parents if I can come over this weekend after we go to homecoming.

Answer #33

I’m sure they will let you.

Answer #34

Yay. Well I’ma get off I got to get my shower and stuff. Bye see you tomarro ^_~

Answer #35

lol this is the first time I’ve heard this. I could see why it would be offensive but I find it a little funny even though I’m all for homosexuality. I mean if I was a gay man I probably would still find it kinda funny. I try not to take things like this too seriously

Answer #36

Lol look at the answer and that will give you your answer: guys(straight)- think it’s funny guys(gay)/girls- think it’s offensive

Answer #37

This post isn’t for random, personal conversations. lol, can you please stick to the topic?

Answer #38

That’s my favorite phrase :D It’s probably offensive to gays, but it’s not offensive to me. I think it’s funny.

Answer #39

i don’t get it ???


Answer #40

oh wait i misread it i thought it said chickens not chicks :L:L:L:L my bad :/


Answer #41

lol xD

Answer #42

Very offencive

Answer #43

Crude, unnecassary and kinda weird. i dont really have a perverted sense of humour tho, i like the old fashion jokes or the classic burns. but i guess its pretty offensive, i mean im not gay but i can see how this would offend people.

Answer #44

I think it’s totally hilarious! Right on the money.

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