What is the real story behind "127 hours"?

Answer #1

This link has the man’s account of it, it’s like an interview: http://funadvice.com/r/14pdtlbkdoj

Answer #2

i 1st herd about this film on top gear when danny boyle was the celeb in the reasonably priced car and its about a bloke that gets his right arm stuck between a wall and a rock and he cuts it off..

i like danny boyles works 28 days/weeks and all that so after i finished watching top gear i went on a search for it, found it 2/3ish days ago and watched it….

its pretty good but did get a bit boring in parts..

but teh real story is pretty much the the film youll see/have seen.

Answer #3

i watched it today, and the story is mainly about a man getting his hand trapped in a rock and being stuck.

Answer #4

LOL thats ALL you got from the story ? Oh lord.

Answer #5

It’s about a male who get trapped under a boulder for ‘127 hours’ hits the name. and he gets himself free by cutting himself free with a pocket knife. (I strongerly suggest NOT watching it if you have a weak stomach!)

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