Random would you rather

Here is yet again another random would you rather.

here we go!

Would you rather

lick peanut butter off a hobo’s toe or have peanut butter licked off you by a lion? starve or drink urine as water? Would you rather have scoliosis or have no toes? for your sweet sixteen, have a boy/girl pool party, or a dinner with your bff’s? *get your head chopped off with scissors or loose both your legs?

  • have all the money you’ll ever need, or have no brother/sisters to annoy you? *tell me I should make more surveys, or tell me their bad?

ENJOY!!! Emily :)

Answer #1

lion starve loose legs yes there fun

Answer #2

lick peanut butter off a hobo’s toe, (because it would be funny) have no toes (better then a disease) dinner with my bff’s (More fun) get your head chopped off with scissors (Wouldnt have to go thru life in a wheel chair…I wouldnt be able to do that cause of Horses. I love my horses.) have all the money you’ll ever need (because my sister and brother are both over 30 years old and I’m just 13 MWHAHA) Make more surveys! (Cause this is fun)

Answer #3

I’ll make some mate : .Would you rather wear green for the rest of your life or shave your head bold, (no wigs and it wont grow back)? .Would you rather have people love you, but you can’t love them back, or love people who don’t love you back? .Would you rather die at the age of 20 in the arms of a loved one, or die atthe age of 90, with no one at all? . Would you rather have first dibs or the last laugh? .Would you rather have no friends or family, or have friends or family that your isolated from? .Would you rather love someone so much who doesn’t love you back, or have someone you don’t like love you? Sorry if these are pretty lame :P Just was bored

             MISS FF
Answer #4

hobo- that’s scary for how long??? no toes pool party legs money-brothers arent that bad sometimes I don’t know lol.

Answer #5

lion. Starve. Have no toes. pool party. Loose both your legs. Have all the money you’ll ever need. Yea make more.

Answer #6

Lion Starve I don’t know it’s to hard!! Pool Party Neither!!! All the money!! Make More!!

Answer #7

lion starve pool party ag! neither! I don’t care

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