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How amazing was your last kiss 1-10?

what was the last thing you did with your right hand?

worst drug you've ever done?

last thing you put in your mouth?

You get three wishes, you can't wish for money or more wishes, what do you wish for?

Do you know how to ballroom dance?

What is your ideal date?

Are tattoos and piercings a turn on or turn off?

Best song you've heard today?

How old are you?

What are you allergic to?

When was the last time you watched Napolean Dynamite?

Whats something you're good at?

If you could have any accent what would it be?

Do you own a Led Zepplin T Shirt?

Why aren't you with the person you like?

Have you ever licked someones forehead?

Cutest kiss would be-?

Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

Are you a light weight?

Do you know what a chachki is?

Whats your most popular nickname?

Where was your first time, and if you're a virgin where do you want it to be?

Whats the closest purple thing to you right now?

What condition are your finger nails in?

What would you do with a red brick?

Do you get scared easy?

So you like roller coasters?

Where do you work?

Do you believe in love?