Random survey questions, which do you like better?

pizza or spaggetti chris brown or soulja boy sidekik or razor ipod or iphone green or pink black or light tv or computer jb or hanna montana youtube or funadvice boy or girls rok or pop

me pizza chris brown sidekik iphon pink light computer jb funadvice boy pop

Answer #1

pizza or spaggetti spaghetti chris brown or soulja boy chris brown sidekik or razor razor ipod or iphone iphone green or pink green black or light black tv or computer computer jb or hanna montana my daughter says hannah montana youtube or funadvice funadvice boy or girls boy rok or pop rock

Answer #2

either chris brown sidekick, if I had to choose iphone.. if I only had one.. sigh ;) pink depends on my mood computer neither funadvice both are friends… but to date, boys. im straight mainly rock


Answer #3

Pizza!! Duh!! Chris Brown…never heard of the other one :G Sumet I can’t comment on because I dunno what the f*ck you’re on about :G iPod all the way PINK!! Black Computer Hannah Montana!! Ooft thats a hard choice…probz funadice acutlly,, I get bored of youtube Well I love my girl mate && there is no way I’d be able to live without lads…ooo I dunno Rock all the way kid =P

Answer #4

spaggeti soulja boy sidekik ipod pink dark computer hannah montana (I hate both but I have to go with hannah I like to go out with boys but I like to hang out with girls ROCK!!! youtube

Answer #5

pizza chris brown sidekik ? ipod either light computer jonas brothers both both haha pop

Answer #6

pizza or spaggetti : Pizza! chris brown or soulja boy : I don’t know those people sidekik or razor : razor… I guess ipod or iphone : ipod’s good green or pink : green…ewww black or light : black tv or computer : computer jb or hanna montana : An excruciating form of death youtube or funadvice : youtube boy or girls : Boys… rok or pop : rock

Answer #7

PIZZA!!! Chris Brown is sexcii Sidekick duhh LOL Mi iPod touch:) Both look nice together Umm idkk lol Neither SWIMING:) Jb youtube is fun lol Both:) lol jkjk boys:) idkk both I guess not really much “pop” lol

Answer #8

chris brown hannah montana sidekik iphone pink light computer funadvice both im bi lol rock

Answer #9

pizza chris brown sidekick ipod blue black computer none funadvice girls pop

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