I have to urinate all the time, what is that a sign of?

If there is a case where you have to urinate all the time, what is that a sign of?

Answer #1

it won’t be bacterial vaginitis…you’re not a woman

Answer #2

it could be a uinary trac infection or bacterial vaginitis a form of std sweetie you need to get checked………..or diabities.

Answer #3

have you ever watched TV? the answer of an inlarged prostrate is the problem, any they prescribe Prilocept or something similar.

Answer #4

Besides the previous suggestions it could be a sign of diabetes or prostrate trouble..get it checked out by a doctor

Answer #5

It’s one of the symptoms of a urinary tract infection, I’m not sure what else.

Answer #6

You could have a UTI, a Urinary Tract Infection. If this is something that isn’t occuring just because you’ve been drinking more, think about other symptoms- does it hurt to urinate? Do you have stomach pains? Go to your doctor and ask them about this! It could be a number of things.

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