Quick tips on how to learn german language

Quick tips on how to learn german language in an easy steps that I would remember fast..thanx!

Answer #1

“Download the Rosetta Stone german program from u-torrent for free and do it. I do not know a second language

Here’s the thing about Rosetta Stone. It is one of the best language instruction programs on the market right now, and you will definately become fluent if you go through it. However, it is NOT quick and easy. It takes quite a bit of time. If you have that kind of time and you want to be fluent, then do it.

But If you want to learn German quickly, I’m assuming you’re looking for a basic knowledge of the language, that will allow you to order food, get directions, introduce yourself, stuff like that. Don’t use Rosetta Stone for that. Get Living Language or some other program. There’s also plenty of stuff available on the web.

Answer #2

well there is no way to ever learn a language but I speak fluent german and I started in school but I went to germany and they all told me to watch muzzi and it would help…it really does its all very basic and its kinda directed at little kids but it really does help and if you ever need any help saying something ask me I knoe almost everything and im always around

Answer #3

Downloading rosetta stone without paying is software piracy. . . We Cannot endorse that here. . . .

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