What is the second language that people have to learn in the UK?

Like, Canada is French, America is Spanish, what do they learn in the UK?

Answer #1

i do german and spannish xxx

Answer #2

in my two Schools i had 2 years of French 1 year of German and 2 years of Spanish…. but they put you into a class you can’t choose yourself…

Answer #3

fuking French :(

Answer #4

aww tht sukss mom frere:p lolll:p

Answer #5

Well we dont have to learn anything, but in school I did french, German and Spanish. German was the easiest and the funniest.

Answer #6

when i was at school it was french only… always wagged it cus at teh time i didnt care for another language to be honest… i did start british sign language for a bit about 17 years ago but lost intrest. should really be polish nowadays they learn in school in the uk.

Answer #7

true. or pakistani.

Answer #8

luckily we had a choice.

Answer #9

cheers for the points la.

Answer #10

shite wrong 1.

Answer #11

cheers for the ponits la.

Answer #12

french :( i never bothered tho XD


Answer #13

i never listened in french….i found it boring and none of my spanish teachers could actually teach my class, but i loved german i can still remember it all and that was 2 years ago :)

Answer #14

i know british sign language ^-^

Answer #15

but its not classed as a second language like most welsh people speak english and i think alot of indian people speak french. I dont know anyone who can speak anything else but English lol.

Answer #16

pakistani. Interesting. I didnt know there was a language called pakistani.

Answer #17

It is usually french. But now it’s either french spanish or german, just depends what school you go to. :)

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