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Okay so I'm getting a retainer in a few weeks, but after that I need two teeth taken out.

I'm SO nervous, I have a massive phobia of needles. Can someone tell me what happens and if there's any pain?

Also I need fixed braces in a few months, does it hurt getting them fitted?


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UM HELLO well I got 2 teeth pulled out and it wasnt bad at all.just when they numb your gums it will hurt a little.other than that you will be fine.just take an ipod or something to listen too because the noises are wont feel no pain when there pulling it out.just pressure...,and about braces.I just got them on like 2 weeks wasnt that bad att all.well they just put the brackets on so I could get used to something being in my mouth.the spacers they put at the back is painful!so yea good luCK!!=] =]

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a combination of gas and I've is the way to go. if they are "baby" teeth, you could probably do it under gas alone with no problem. permanent teeth, gas and I've.
they give you the gas first and you don't care about the I've. :)

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I dont know about braces, but when they took my wisdom teeth out I requested gas (a needle in my mouth freaked me out too...). Ask for other anesthetic options...

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Heyya =]

I've had 4 teeth out in like the last 5 months I dus not hurt! ther is a slight prick of the needle but it really depends on were you get it. the first time I got one out I was REALLY nervous and I got 3 injections it was kindaa uncomfortable but it was fynn! you culdnt feel ANY pain when gettin your teeth puld out just kinda pressure because well obv someone's pullin your teeth out =]

but the other tymss I only got one and they wer absaloutly fyn. but afterwords your mouth can feel a bit numb for a couple of hours at the MOST. it will feel kind of weird to eat =] but itss not painful remember!

You'll B Fynn =P
Good Luck x Hope This Helpd

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I had braces for 6 years. (Yes 6 years) The reason I needed them for so long was b/c my baby teeth weren't falling out on their own so they had to pull 12 teeth ( not at the same time). So I've had more than my share of a needle shots to the gum. I won't lie, there is going to be some pain, but it's real quick. If you take your nail and poke your gum, it's kind of what it feels like. Depending on where they will giving you the shot, they might rub some numbing gel on your gum. The shot itself only lasts for a few seconds and then you'll be numb and won't feel anything at all.

As for getting braces on, for me, putting the brackets around your back molars are the worst part. They usually put spacers in between your molars to give it some room for the bracket. (I also got my braces on in 1996 so this is assuming they still do it the same way). Then they take the spacers out and put the brackets on. They might make you bite down on something to make sure they're down all the way. If feels like when you're eating something and you get something stuck in your teeth.

As for the rest of the brackets, it's not bad at all. It's more annoying sitting there with your mouth open and that sucky thing sticking out of your mouth. When they put the wire and bands on (which I don't remember if they do that when you first get them on or not) depending how crooked your teeth are, your mouth will ache a lot. It makes eating solid things almost impossible for the first day or two. Take some aspirin or ibuprofen and you'll be okay. There's also a tendency for the braces to rub against the inside of you lips and create little cuts, but they give you wax that you can stick on top of the bracket.

I know it's scary getting them on, but I'm really glad that I did cause my teeth were so terribly crooked and now they're perfectly straight. It'll be worth it.

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no need to be nervous... it just causes more tension and problems. yesss... we all get frightened... and I've gone through the whole crooked, overlapped and overbite smile!! ahaha... so I too... had to go through the jaw winder, braces, and retainers!! and...YES!!... I had to get some teeth pulled out... but unlike you... I had to get 4 TEETH pulled out!! the whole prosess was "not pretty"... but the RESULTS are!! =D after having to go through 2 and a half years of jaw winders, braces, and retainers!! (everyones needs are diffrent)... I'd say it was worth it!! because now I have a million dollar smile =) I'm gunna be honest with you... when you first have your braces on... and it's time to eat... it's gunna be a little uncofortabe...and may be painful to chew for 2-3 days... BUT... you'll get use to it!! AND when it's time to take OFF those braces... you'll be sliding your tounge over NICE, SMOOTH, STRIAGHT teeth!! =)

TIP: stock on oral gel and wax!!

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I've had 6 teeth out 2 by operation and 4 by injection.

The injection does hurt! but not much. When they pull the actual tooth out thats the worst part but you dont feel it obvioulsy.

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I had teeth pulled out when I was a child, and I can't remember it being overly painful; I just felt a needle prick and I think I could feel the tooth being pulled out, but it didn't really hurt... it's hard to explain.

With the braces, the "application" of the braces didn't hurt, but a little while after starts to hurt, as well as each adjustment; I suggest you eat soft foods like ice-cream and jelly until you get used to the braces.

One more thing, the braces might give you ulcers after you get them on, but I think they give you some stuff to put over the braces to stop it rubbing on your lips and gums.

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well I had 5 teeth taken out the onli thing you need 2 worry about is when they numb your gums but that doesnt take long
when your mouth is numb it feels weird but that will go away in a few hours
having your teeth out is like cuttin your nails- painless
when you get your braces fitted it will feel wierd bcoz theres sumthin else in your mouth but ull get used 2 it
there are no needles in a orthodontists room (as I woz told)
so just enjoy it
think of the end result
go 4 it x

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They put me to sleep with laughing gas. No needles you just inhale this fume and it makes you go sleepy sleep =]. Braces do hurt sometimes but the only "needle-like" thing would be when they change your wire and colors but it doesnt literally poke into you. In fact, I just got my wire changed earlier =] lol.

best of luck :D

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