For women when you see a guy, thoughts

When you first look at a guy

What do you first see

And also

What do you like for a guy to have

Answer #1

first thing from far off… I look at how he’s dressed. from close… I look at his smile then eyes (cause they better not be wandering off looking at inappropriate places!) lol

what I like for a guy to have is a rockin personality… a good conversationalist, good humor, yet listens to you and is there for you when you need him! - one of those guys that you can have a blast with and feel comfortable with at the same time!

Answer #2

Teeth Furshure ( I don’t know why ? I got my braces removed and like I don’t know im always judginqg people by their teeth ( : ] and Eyes and lonqg black hairm or blonde , but I mostly like personality, mann you gotta laugh and be somewhat funny and seriouse

Answer #3

his hair how he is dressed this eyes and how he talks to me (if he wants to)

Answer #4

first thing I notice is there eyes then smile

Answer #5

I notice hair, eyes, how he’s dressed, if he’s wearing skinnies is he wearing them right?, if I saw him at one of my shows how much attention was he paying to me while I was on stage and how into my band he was, and shoes.

also I like my guys to have a wicked taste in music, funny, obnoxious, yet still respectful.

Answer #6

well looks wise the guy has got to have a nice mouth, a guy with messed up teeth and unmoisturised rough lips is just off putting, his eyes are next on the list. if we just talking in general then a guys personality is what gets me… I’m not shallow, its great to have a hot, sexy guy by your side but honestly, they the biggest a$$ hole$ around… I want a guy who pays attention to me every once in a while and not just on himself, good looks is a bonus but personality is the ultimate hottness a guy can have…

Answer #7

I see the body first, the shoulders, the arms =P And the eyes after =) and he has to look at me straight in the eyes… otherwise he is a no go

Answer #8

when I first look at a guy I see his whole face to see if he is hot!!!…=]… I would want him to be funny!!! and hot!!

Answer #9

I see the hair (I love dark) the shoes (brand name sneakers turn me on LOL), and then his face in general. some people say the ones that smile are the hottest, I disagree, sometimes when people have a normal/concentrated face they look just as hot!

Answer #10

For me, eyes, mouth, nose, general body shape should be average, no blondes, mustache or beard ok, he looks directly at me (boob shots ok as long as they’re not leering), funny, I don’t look at the package because you can’t tell really, but I do look, hand–hand will tell you everything, are they calloused or clean or whatever, hands will tell you everything.

Answer #11

When I first look at a guy I first see his lips, eyes hands, then I look at his hair…and maybe a little look at blow the belt…;) I like a a guy with long hair, hot azz body, nice mouth, if your mouth is not clean nice mouth…dude I cant be with ya… lol And he has to be cute

Answer #12

omg I know this is weird but the TEETH…lol..I have nice teeth and a cute smile and I would like for my guy to have one too and yes I have never dated a guy with messed up…so my current guy has nice teeth yeaaa

Answer #13

I honestly go from eyes, lips, hair, then the rest of the body in that order. I like for a guy to have a sense of humor but not TOO goofy, charm, spend time to talk about emotions every once in a while, and honsetly-personality AND looks are important, but looks usually should just come as a bonus :)

Answer #14

I see that he is definately HOT. And I look for a guy to have a 6 pack or above… and something else I missing… OH! his smile and his eyes.. I would DIE for blue-eyed boys(:

Answer #15

the smile and the eyes. they have to look good, cause it I want a relationship with him I have to be able to look at him. :] the body is next in line though, haha

Answer #16

he have a gud smile,looks and hv an wooow atitude.

Answer #17

k so he’s gotta be funny but not 2 goofy the best part his hair and his smile and that he’s not a geek!! haha

Answer #18

First I see if he is cute, I want them to be funny, sweet, kind, smart, and caring.

Answer #19


I guess I dont have a problem then



Answer #20

long hair and well a hot rokin body and an awesome face if he aint got none of that then see yeah

Answer #21

I First See The Hair! & I like A Guy to have Brains & He Has To Be funny!!!

Answer #22

I first see his nose (wired I no ) and eyes and I love what is inside and he has to be baby faced

Answer #23

and what she said ubove

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