do women and girls in their teen years like long hair on guys?

ladies i am thinking about growing my hair out and wanted to know if would better my situation for getting to know you girls little better. i am talking about shoulder length and right now my hair is at eye length. i straighten my hair because it gets alitle restless when not under cuntrol.

Answer #1

I know I do! :)

Answer #2

I generally dont like it, but it depends on the person as some people suit it more than others. If you do grow it out, make sure you keep it clean. Long, greasy hair looks awful.

Answer #3

I dont like super duper long hair. But I go crazy for some Bieber hair (Before he cut it.)

Answer #4

I dont like super duper long hair. But I go crazy for some Bieber hair (Before he cut it.)

Answer #5

I don’t like long long hair, simply because it makes me feel like I’m getting it on with a girl haha.But the rugged over-grown mop look is pretty sexy.

Answer #6

I love longish hair (just below the ear) especially when its all messy . Like his hair ….and i love dirty blond hair, he’s hair is too blond

Answer #7

It’s okay, but I hate when guys straighten their hair.

Answer #8

ok.. i’m not a teenager anymore but i’ll throw my two cents in lol.. i’ve always loved guys with long hair.. long straight hair that is kept clean and brushed.. especially if the guy has piercing eyes to match!

Answer #9

I always had a thing for guys with long hair haha. My high school friends always said “Janice has a fetish for guys with long hair”

Answer #10

Not too long but long-ish. Just past your ear and straight or ‘bed head’ effect I find long hair like that very attractive ^^’

Answer #11

i love long hair on guys! and im 21! probably why i love anime boys so much LOL. i love it when their hair either sticks to their neck but is long in the back adn you can see that in front, or they have some kind of goofy hairstyle like this picture of a boy from a anime called bakugan, i love how his hair is in the front and back (and on top)

Answer #12

I dont but thats just me!!(:

Answer #13

I dont because i think it makes guys look like girl i dont mind it a little long but some guys have hair to their shoulders and i think that is a little to long for me :)

Answer #14

i personally dont like long hair on guys but i dont like it to short i like something to grab onto

Answer #15

most long haired guys are sexy as fuck but it depends on if yoou take proper care of it and if yoou can pull off having it.

Answer #16

that could be debatable you know……. hahah

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