Question about race and the future

Currently, there are about 6.737 billion people on earth. It’s estimated that around 850 million are of black descent, 2.5 billion yellow Asian, 350 million South American mestizo, 750 million are of white/European descent, 2.3 brown Asian/Middle Eastern. Numbers may be off by a few tens of millions but that’s the general mix. What year do you think everyone will be mixed if ever? Do you think a race will ever die out? If so what and when, and why did you choose that date?

Answer #1

Its not about mixing races but people should just stop discriminating. Stop speaking of my race superior to yours. And I don’t think that time would be far enough when people unite being diverse. We would actually be at peace then. If a pure effort is made by everyone,I think 2050 would be somewhat the year of “World Peace”.

Answer #2

Well you nvr no they might mix and if they do you and I probably wont b alive 2 c it so you nvr no and we might nvr find out the world could just end 2morro

tutti_fruitti_girl : )

Answer #3

I think eventually it will die out, but then people will just find something else to discriminate against…like tall people or something.

Answer #4

As long as there are racists, races wont die out :-P

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