Do you think putting maple syrup on cornbread is weird?

I told my friend about it all casually, and she laughed and thought I was kidding lol. She wouldnt believe me. She thought I was trying to get her to try it the next time she has cornbread as like a joke or something haha. Do you think its wierd? Or is it common where you live?

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No I think that would be great, but maple syrup isn’t easy to get where I’m at. I always put honey on mine. ;) Tastes good either way I bet. :DD

Answer #3

No, I put carsup, mayo, and picles on bread just for the fu of eating something different. My taste buds you know.

Answer #4

No. It sounds really good :)

Answer #5

I put honey on corn bread. Maple syrup sounds kinda good too.

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