Does anyone know what to put on pancakes besides syrup?

I feel like making breakfast for my family. Wanna make pancakes (: So I know about jam, butter, and peanut butter. But does anyone know of anything else too? Thanks.

Answer #1

Caramel and apple slices, bananas, any kind of fruit coulis, cinnamon butter, chocolate syrup and whipped cream …

Answer #2

peanut butter. :)

Answer #3

opps, sorry i didn’t know you already had peanut butter on there.

Answer #4

I put some butter and my scoop of my favorite jelly in a small bowl (serves 1, doulbe/triple,quad. the amount for every person) , put in the microwave for about 20 seconds, take it out (careful,very hot), sitr it up and there you go!

Answer #5

Haha thats okay(:

Answer #6

gummi bears. -.-

Answer #7

Lemon juice with sugar. Honey. Golden syrup

Answer #8

eggs - lots of poached eggs.

Answer #9

Cooked apples with cinnamon, ice cream ;P, frozen blueberries with cooked, hot blueberry syrup :O, hot cooked raspberries are awesome with their juice ;), and hm. nuts and bananas together. ;P :D Have fun. (:

Answer #10


Answer #11

Strawberries ;)

Answer #12

I vote yes!!!! I do this. :)

Answer #13

Yeah, I <3 doing this tbh I thought I was the only one doing this! =D <3

Answer #14

I usually just put the strawberry and the butter cold on top of the pancakes and microwave it, but, guess what, I just literally like 30 minutes ago tried it your way and is better!! It made me think of your idea when I was cooking the pancakes, so thank you! :)

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