Purity Rings?

I’m abstinete (Can’t spell good!) & I’m a devoted christan and I want to get a purity ring to show it. But I don’t know where you buy them…Or how much they cost or anything about what they are in that area sooo…Yeahh.

Answer #1

Well seriously just make one yourself, store bought purity rings really have less meaning, and are just part of a money making scheme. Make a beautiful bracelet in your colors, it will mean even more :)

Answer #2

well for one you don’t need a purity ring to show abstinence
like what nessingway said you should make something of your own, still same meaning.

Answer #3

dude dont get a purity ring

Answer #4


Answer #5

You could make your own which is more special but might not get the message through. The best choice is to go to a christian store. God bless you!

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